Sunday, August 09, 2009


10x8 oil on Canvas Board
Stairs to beach
This is not a good image, will take one when I get to my studio
Ok, so this is not exactly the beach but it is the stairs coming down to the beach. 
So today was scary. I took off for a walk, with the two dogs. Now remember I am this side of the Bob Marshall. Ran into someone going the other way with his little tiny dog. Said hey, have a nice day. As I was walking back to the cabin, I hear screaming, up in the tree line above where the water runs down to the lake. Screaming like, "go away, help, help, go, go away, someone please help!" like that, from a man, probably the fella I just said hi to minutes before-I am about 6 city blocks from the sound, and about 6 city blocks from the cabin. Scared to death, thinking it was a bear mauling, I run back to the cabin fast as I can. Get the guys, the guns and the 4 wheel vehicles. They run up and find the man, standing there, (Thank God) a cougar had killed his dog. He was bent over the water box and heard a small noise, about 10 ft from him was a 220-250 lb cat with his dog in his mouth. Man-! I think I need to get a gun.
Going back to the city tomorrow.

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